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With our latest technology BUFFALO-SCF Large Diameter Steel Casing, and popular EXCELCASING-SFJ, Surepipe is the industry leader in Flush Joint Steel Casing.

To meeting your specific needs, Surepipe’s has the processing capabilities, and range of thread protectors, casing racks and accessories, to deliver ready-made solutions.

BUFFALO-SCF Large Diameter Steel Casing

Designed for Australia’s hot and dusty conditions, Buffalo-SCF (Sharpe Coarse Flush) large diameter steel casing is rugged, high performance and fast running. Buffalo-SCF casing has been specifically designed for surface, intermediate, production, goaf wells and liners.

Buffalo-SCF is integrally thread steel pipe, so it is fully flush, both internally and externally. With its metal to metal seal, Buffalo-SCF provides a pressure tight, streamlined connection, reducing the risks associated with welded-on tool joints.

  • Designed for large diameter pipe from 6-5/8” to 20”
  • Easy deep stabbing & reduced risk of cross-threading
  • Quick make-up, 4.5 turns to shoulder
  • Connection tested to pipe body pressures
  • High torque/tensile load capabilities
  • Anti-gall treated connections enhances ability to be run multiple times
  • Supported with a full range of accessories
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Surepipe’s Excelcasing-SFJ (Sharpe Flush Joint) is a premium, rugged steel casing/tubing connection with a shallow taper especially designed for thin wall steel pipe.

Excelcasing-SFJ has proven itself in the Coal Bed Methane (CBM) industry with over 1.5 million metres since 2008, and embodies the core aspects of the Surepipe brand:

  • premium quality, precision threaded & over-specced for strength
  • racked for ease of transport and safety
  • pre-doped with thread protectors to ensure trouble-free deployment


  • Tensile loads for sizes 8-5/8” and 10-3/4” are actual maximum tensile loads achieved without yield or failure
  • Recommended static tensile loads have a design safety factor of 1.3
  • The following standard were used to assess the Enclosure Base Frame structural members:- API Spec 5CT. API Bull, 5C,
  • Chevron Casing/Tubing Design Manual, The Code of Practice for Constructing and Abandoning Coal Seam Gas Wells in Queensland Version 1.0
  • All data contained in the above table references third party Certificate Of Compliance SPE026U-1
  • ll Data listed above must be used in conjunction with correct casing running procedures.


  • Keeps thread clean from dust, moisture and exposure to weather
  • Protects thread against damage
  • Pre-doped with industry leading Bestolife 2000 thread dope and is supplied ready to run
  • No cleaning required. Remove the cap and run the casing, saving time and mess at the rig site.


  • Improves safety and minimises handling of loose pipe
  • Faster loading & unloading – Decreases loading and unloading time of trucks by up to 75%
  • Design optimised for Australian road transport trailer dimensions
  • Made to high quality standards – ISO:9001 and API Q1 Quality Standards
  • Stackable racks reduce storage space at lay down yard and rig


  • Pup joints
  • Haul plugs
  • Drive subs
  • Crossovers
  • Guide shoes
  • Bump subs
  • Cementing plugs
  • Custom casing accessories
  • Custom completions equipment
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